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Haggard Chiropractic

The Beginning of Haggard Chiropractic…

The legacy began when Walter D. Haggard married his wife Barbara in November of 1945. He and his family were farmers and enjoyed the farming industry. In 1948, they had their first son David. Their experience with David sparked his interest in natural healing through chiropractic. One of the hardest challenges of having children is watching them suffer and feeling helpless to do anything about it. His wife describes their troubles.

“This baby boy was allergic to almost everything that grew on the farm! He sneezed into the night and wheezed, having difficulty breathing. We took him to several medical doctors and he still suffered with hay fever. He developed a terrible skin rash. He was diagnosed with asthma, given antihistamines and other pills. The shelves were full of medications! Then baby David developed food allergies as well…

We were desperate for our little son to get well.

He was not growing as he should, and he was not getting his rest at night. We changed his diet and his medications, yet there was no improvement in his health and he wasn’t gaining any weight…

After visiting other medical offices in Phoenix and the surrounding area, the young couple was given no hope from the medical profession. No results were achieved from drug therapy. They were finally told that, "Unfortunately, these types of children suffer miserably until they depart this life. There is nothing more we can do for him. We’re sorry, but your son will not live much longer."

One day, a young couple that we knew brought their little boy to see us. He was the same age as David, but much healthier. They suggested that we take our son to see a chiropractor. We thought, ‘Why not? We’ve taken him to every other kind of doctor –skin doctor, asthma doctor, etc.’ So we began taking him to Dr. Ephraim Larson, a chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ.

Our son’s health improved with each spinal adjustment. He began to eat and sleep better. The color came back into his body. He had more and more energy after each adjustment from Dr. Larson. We were so excited to realize that chiropractic was making a great deal of difference in restoring our baby’s health.”

David lived, fully recovered, and is a practicing chiropractor today.

After his son’s recovery, Walter began to study with Dr. Larson. He entered Los Angeles Chiropractic College in 1956 and graduated in 1959. He practiced chiropractic for 31 years until his passing in 1990. “Dr. Walt” was loved by all who knew him. Those who received care from him often spoke of a “special gift” he had in his hands and a “magic touch.” He was truly a wonderful man and an excellent chiropractor. We are honored to have him as our family’s pioneer in health and wellness.

We Treat You Like Family!

We are the extraordinary, caring chiropractic wellness centers that focus on dramatic life change in health and vitality. Our Chiropractors in Phoenix serve our patients out of unconditional love and show them we care by delivering dependable and personal customer service-based healthcare. We concentrate on the cause, rather than the effect of dysfunction because it is the best method we know to care for our patients.

Our Mission

The mission of Haggard Chiropractic is to provide exceptional health education and care to like-minded patients. We are committed to empowering proactive patients with effective and preventive healthcare options and strive to build lifelong relationships with patients as we embark on their healthcare journey together.

We are the chiropractic wellness centers committed to providing superior customer service and extraordinary healthcare. If we ever wonder whether we are on track with our mission, all we need to do is ask, “Is this the way Dr. Walt would like to see his legacy carried out and we will have our answer.”

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey Toward Health?

We help victims of auto accidents and those ready to see an improvement in their health.

The patients that seem to get the best results in our practice are people who:

  • Enjoy friendly service
  • Want detailed doctors that genuinely care for their patients
  • Want a doctor that understands the extent pain can affect your life
  • Have tried other treatments without success
  • Are ready for a dramatic life change
  • Want peak performance
  • Enjoy reliable, quality service