K-Laser Therapy Testimonials

Rene D.'s k-laser therapy testimonial

Thank you Dr. Haggard for the wonderful care I have received for the past several months. My name is Renee D, I’m from Sun City Arizona. Dr. Haggard’s care became even more important to me when I suffered from a herniated disc and was incapacitated by pain. I was unable to sleep sit and stand they were problematic and walking any distance was out of the question. I was looking for a non-surgical remedy to the condition and Dr. Haggard suggested a series of decompression treatments plus K-Laser and after 2 weeks (6 treatments) I began to have tremendous relief. Gradually I began sleeping without pain and all other activities were much more comfortable, so I continued to see improvement. I continue my regular adjustments, stretching and exercises and plan to make this a routine part of my health regimen. I am so grateful for the concern and expertise shown by Dr. Haggard and his entire staff. I would recommend Haggard Chiropractic to anyone in pain and those seeking to improve their health and well –being.

Thank you, Rene D.

Rene D.
Sun City, Arizona
Dorothy P.'s k-laser therapy testimonial

My name is Dorothy I’m from Glendale Arizona, I would like to say that K-Laser’s effectiveness was certainly demonstrated to me. I had been in severe pain with swollen knee for almost a month, while trying various treatments, including ice, rest and home remedies. After missing my routine activities, I reluctantly saw Dr. Haggard I was skeptical but because of the severe pain and limited mobility I decided to give it a try. After couple of treatments to my surprise the procedure proved to be effective. I can say without hesitation K-Laser treatments proven to be painless quick and effective. It’s like a magic treatment. The treatment itself took only few minutes and the best part it did not require the use of drugs or any type of surgical procedure and no side effects. K-Laser works-it was the best choice.
Thank you, Dorothy P.

Dorothy P.
Glendale, Arizona

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