Custom 3D Orthotics

Have you experienced pain daily in your feet, knees, hips, back, or shoulders? We don’t realize it, but our feet are our foundation and they often influence the system of the rest of the body. At Haggard Chiropractic, we offer our patients custom-made orthotics built specifically for your individual needs.

The custom-made orthotics we offer patients are designed and built from a 3-D digital scan of your feet. A foot scan will be able to show us how imbalanced your feet are and if they are causing problems in your knees, hips, back, and shoulders.

Male patient being scanned for Custom 3D Orthotics

This helps provide personalized information means to help support your unique postural needs. Orthotics can help you achieve a balanced body by stabilizing the pelvis and providing advanced arch support. They are used to help with many physical conditions, including pronation (flat feet), plantar fasciitis (“heel pain syndrome”), low back pain, and more.

Off-the-shelf orthotics don’t address your unique feet, body, or health needs and the orthotics are the same for the right and left foot. They also don’t address or correct foot or pelvic imbalances and provide advanced arch. They also aggravate your symptoms and have been shown to create new ones.

Most orthotics also only support one arch of your foot, not your entire plantar vault, which are the three interconnected arches in the foot. The plantar vault is what provides structural support for the entire body. It’s job is to maintain the body’s equilibrium, including proper alignment and balance. If only one arch is being supported, it also causes an imbalanced shift to another part of your body. Luckily, our custom orthotics offer a 3-arch support system.

Haggard Chiropractic believes in the benefits that custom orthotics offer, and we know that each human body is different. Each pair of orthotic insoles is designed and engineered exclusively for the each, individual patient. If you are interested in learning more about these custom insoles and if they’ll be able to help you, give our Phoenix aand Peoria office a call today at (623) 299-2717.

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