Spinal Decompression Testimonials

Rene D.'s spinal decompression testimonial

Thank you Dr. Haggard for the wonderful care I have received for the past several months. My name is Renee D, I’m from Sun City Arizona. Dr. Haggard’s care became even more important to me when I suffered from a herniated disc and was incapacitated by pain. I was unable to sleep sit and stand they were problematic and walking any distance was out of the question. I was looking for a non-surgical remedy to the condition and Dr. Haggard suggested a series of decompression treatments plus K-Laser and after 2 weeks (6 treatments) I began to have tremendous relief. Gradually I began sleeping without pain and all other activities were much more comfortable, so I continued to see improvement. I continue my regular adjustments, stretching and exercises and plan to make this a routine part of my health regimen. I am so grateful for the concern and expertise shown by Dr. Haggard and his entire staff. I would recommend Haggard Chiropractic to anyone in pain and those seeking to improve their health and well –being.
Thank you, Rene D.

Rene D.
Sun City, Arizona

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