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Travis P.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hello my name is Travis I’m from Avondale Arizona. I would like to tell you about this miracle. The allergy relief. For approximately 9 years I have suffer from both chronic insomnia and apnea, over the years I have been sub septic to doctor after doctor, trying pills and over the counter cures with no success. Many of the medications gave me nothing but nausea and sick days at work. Although I would rarely get a good night sleep, it was only a temporary fix. When Dr. Haggard suggested I try to his allergy relief, I was very skeptical. I should not have been, this is what I needed many years ago. Now my sleepless nights are from partying. Thank you so much Dr. Haggard and his wonderful staff.
Thank you, Travis P.

Travis P.
Avondale, Arizona
Joseph M.'s allergy relief testimonial

My name is Joseph I’m from Phoenix Arizona. Growing up and through early adulthood years I suffered with all types of allergies to environment dust pollen etc. Most subsided after years with allergy relief shots and pills. I moved to Phoenix and new allergies popped up. I was miserable and I refused to continue to take pills or allergy relief shots. I heard about the allergy relief and said to myself “what the heck, let’s try it”. I had some doubts to the degree of effectiveness but I must admit after few treatments I feel so much up beat more energetic. I spent a day outdoors enjoying nature. I look forward to how much better I’ll feel with more treatments.
Thank you, Joseph M.

Joseph M.
Phoenix, Arizona
Vanessa H.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hello my name is Vanessa I’m from Phoenix Arizona, when I was in High School I developed a sensitivity to dairy and got sick with sinus infections regularly I had to cut all the dairy out of my diet 5 years ago. Now after one treatment of the allergy relief I can enjoy all the cheese and anything dairy without getting sick for the first time since high school. This stuff is really amazing…
Thank you, Vanessa H.

Vanessa H.
Phoenix, Arizona
Richard P.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hi my name is Richard, I’m from Phoenix Arizona. During the Spring and Summer I use to have trouble cutting grass and just being outdoors. The pollen would affect me tremendously, making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Dr. Haggard recommended the allergy relief works miracles. Now I enjoy being outdoors with no problems. Thank you to his wonder staff and Dr. Haggard.
Thank you, Richard P.

Richard P.
Phoenix, Arizona
Harriet M.'s allergy relief testimonial

My name is Harriett I’m from Goodyear Arizona. For years I was allergic to honey and pineapple I would break out in hives in my mouth, throat and body. Dr. Haggard did an allergy relief treatment and cured me! Now I can eat all the honey I want without breaking out. This allergy relief treatment is a great relief.
Thank you, Harriet M.

Harriet M.
Goodyear, Arizona
Josh R.'s allergy relief testimonial

One of the nicest people I've ever met! Let a lone the service they provide here is awesome! I've had very bad allergy problems my whole life. I remember in my early 20's I developed an allergy to dairy foods. So milk, cheese, and ice cream was deleted out of me life for a while, until I met Dr. Haggard and he explained to me how these allergies I have can be reverse. He explained it can be corrected in my nervous system and he was right! After a few sessions, I am now able to enjoy dairy food products again with out throwing up or breaking out in hives! :) I am going to visit Dr. Haggard again soon for my cat and dog allergy. If you have an allergic reaction to anything, seek out Dr. Haggard for his diagnosis. I hope this review was helpful. :)

Josh R.
Patricia Navarro's allergy relief testimonial

Dr Haggard and staff are the best. Very informative and very gentle when doing adjustments. I highly recommend this office for adjustments and allergy problems.

Patricia Navarro
Anthony Porter's allergy relief testimonial

Truly amazing! I was seriously skeptical, but thought I would give it shot. Allergies to certain foods, avocado in particular was a sad issue for me. I grew up eating avocado's and for 20 some odd years, I could not. That's no longer a problem for me

Anthony Porter
Bobby Digital's allergy relief testimonial

My 12 year old son has been playing tackle football and basketball since he was 5 for his teams. Recently he had been experiencing some asthma like symptoms. After one basketball game he had a horrible asthma attack, luckily his coach saved him with an emergency inhaler or he might have been hospitalized that day. All of the coaches and people suggested to me I should take him to a medical doctor and get him an inhaler for his symptoms. It didn't feel right to me because he never had asmtha before and neither had I. I started researching natural methods for my son, I found dr haggard and the art of chiropractic to heal the nervous system. Now Bobby is barely two weeks into treatment and he can breathe so much better it's amazing. Don't make the mistake of going to a regular doctor and getting a prescription for pharmaceuticals, they are poisons and don't actually heal you, just make these companies rich. Go the natural route watever your ailment is and go see Mr haggard and heal your body naturally instead of buying prescriptions for the rest of your life and still not getting any better

Bobby Digital
Felly Mayo's allergy relief testimonial

Advanced allergy therapeutic treatments saved me from seasonal allergies and medications that hardly worked. I saw improvement with the first treatment. I will definitely recommend to anyone seeking relief.

Felly Mayo

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