Allergies & Asthma Testimonials

Rachel J.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hi my name is Rachel I’m from Goodyear Arizona; before getting treated with the emotional balance, I had completely fallen apart. Things in my life get hard to cope with and I felt as if I had gotten myself into a hole I couldn’t get out of. I had no energy, no motivation and no drive to do the things I loved. So the day I fell apart behind the center at work I knew that I had to get my life back on the healthy path. Dr. Haggard got used the allergy relief to balance my emotions. Immediately felt it, everything began to feel better by the time I got home. My mood, my body even my thoughts improved. The next morning I had energy back and felt completely transformed. For once I felt happy again; even though I was treated for one treatment, knowing I need couple more, I still feel like I’m on top of the world! Thanks Dr. Haggard and his wonderful staff.
Thank you, Rachael J.

Rachel J.
Goodyear, Arizona
Stephanie D.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hello my name is Stephanie I’m from Glendale Arizona, after developing sensitivity to gluten; I was told by my Allergist, Primary care physician and Gastro Intestinal to eat Gluten free foods. I encountered a lot of problems going out to eat or just being around my friend’s. I would have severe reactions I would get very sick for days with bloating, headache, fatigue and nausea. After hearing about Dr. Haggard’s allergy relief, I decided to give it a try. Although I was skeptical! It took 2 sessions to treat wheat, I was very nervous to test my reaction to wheat the next day, I started out gradually then ate wheat pretzels and never got sick. I ‘am so thrilled with my results and never have to worry about eating out again! Good bye Gluten foods.
Thank you, Stephanie D.

Stephanie D.
Glendale, Arizona
Terrie B.'s allergy relief testimonial

Hello my name is Terrie I’m from Glendale Arizona; in the beginning there was an open mind great anticipation for what this allergy relief System was and what it could do for my emotions. I was skeptical, how could something this simple possibly change my complex emotions. I don’t know how it happened, but my life was totally transformed and every treatment brought new excitement and anticipation on how the next treatment would help me. After completing my treatments my emotions are balanced like never before. I respond to things so much differently than I would have few months ago. Thanks to Dr. Haggard and his wonderful.
Thank you, Terrie B.

Terrie B.
Glendale, Arizona

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