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Jennifer L.'s back pain testimonial

My back, neck and my whole body feels better since having regular adjustments with Dr. Haggard. My name is Jennifer and I’m from Sun City Arizona. My flexibility has improved considerably. Before I was unable to turn my head to check my blind spot while driving. I’ am better than ever 100%. Thank you , Dr. Haggard and staff.
Thank you, Jennifer L.

Jennifer L.
Sun City, Arizona
William G.'s back pain testimonial

Going to Haggard Chiropractic was good. My name is William I’m from Phoenix Arizona I came in with back and neck problems. Now I’ am feeling way better. Dr. Haggard and Staff showed interest in my care making me feel welcome. I had a great time and would be more than happy to stop in and do exercises.
Thank you, William G.

William G.
Phoenix, Arizona
Sonia L.'s back pain testimonial

My name is Sonia I’m from Laveen Arizona. When I first came to Dr. Haggard I could not walk, stand or sit due to low back pain. I highly recommend Haggard Chiropractic, his care made a huge difference.
Thank you, Sonia L.

Sonia L.
Laveen, Arizona
Diamond Lill's back pain testimonial

Dr. Haggard and his staff are knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. They relieved me of my back pain and I will continue to visit their office. I will most definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Diamond Lill
Rocio M.'s back pain testimonial

Everyone is very welcoming and ready to help. Highly recommend Haggard Chiropractor for all back pain needs!!

Rocio Morales
Janet M.'s back pain testimonial

Everybody is friendly! It has really helped me with my back pain. Really recommend Dr. Haggard.

Janet Medrano
Sierra A.'s back pain testimonial

Dr haggard and his staff especially April are phenomenal. I originally began going to him for a rib out of place as well as chronic back pain and poor posture due to work in the dental field. Within two weeks I noticed a difference in pain and posture. Thank you so much for all you do for me!

Sierra Andrews
Leticia Garcia's back pain testimonial

Very flexible with scheduling. I come in a little early or late and it's never a problem. Dr. Haggard has helped me get pain free and has also given me tools to use at home to prevent lower back pain. Staff is great!

Leticia Garcia
Dallas A.'s back pain testimonial

I was experiencing some sharp neck and back pain for a period of time. One of my friends recommended me to go see Dr. Haggard so he can have a look at what the issue may be. He was very professional and seemed extremely knowledgeable when it came to my health and well being. He was able to shoot some x-rays of my neck and spine, and after a few adjustments, I noticed the pain subsided. I was very pleased with the diligence and integrity Dr. Haggard and his staff showed me during my visits. I absolutely recommend Haggard Chiropractic!

Dallas Andrews
Kathy H's back pain testimonial

In November 2016, I came to Dr. Haggard with severe neck and back pain. Since then with treatment, I have made amazing progress. I so appreciate his professionalism and kindness. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Kathy Hayes

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