Back Pain Testimonials

Mary S.'s back pain testimonial

Hello my name is Mary ‘m from Phoenix Arizona, Before coming to Haggard Chiropractic, my back and neck hurt. I barely was able to move my neck or sit down when I drove. I would have to turn my whole body to change lanes while driving. Now my neck is pain free and I have more mobility and can sit for long periods of time, most importantly I’ am able to sleep better at night.
Thank you, Mary S.

Mary S.
Phoenix, Arizona
Roy B.'s back pain testimonial

Hello my name is Roy I’m from Phoenix Arizona. When I first came in I had severe left hip pain, low back pain and poor posture. Now after a couple of months my hip pain and low back pain are almost gone and my posture is a lot better. I ‘am glad I started treatment. Dr. Haggard is very professional and always asks how I’ am doing. I’ am glad to be his patient.
Thank you, Roy B.

Roy B.
Phoenix, Arizona

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